AOP Saumur Champigny

Domaine de Nerleux 2019

€690 Flacon de 10cl

Succumb to the charms of this Saumur Champigny, with its deep, dark colour shifting to purplish at the edges. The nose features a wide aromatic palette dominated by blackcurrant, liquorice and cacao. On the palate, the tannins are firm, giving the wine a full character endowed with notes of dark berries and spices.

Flacon de 10cl €690
Saumur Champigny Les Loups Noirs Domaine de Nerleux 2019


Vineyard name Domaine de Nerleux
Label of origin AOP Saumur Champigny
Cuvée Les Loups Noirs
Vintage 2019
Grape varieties Cabernet Franc (100%)
Tasting conditions 17 °C
Location Loire
Alcohol level 13.5%


Régis et Amélie Neau

Combining tradition and modernity, Régis and Amélie Neau, eighth and ninth generations of winegrowers, strive to offer wines which are typical of their appellations, as well as other more unusual wines. Regularly winning awards, the wines reflect the couple’s savoir-faire and their devotion to preserving the heritage that has been entrusted to them.

Food and wine pairings

  • Terrine de campagne
  • Truffled brie