AOP Santenay 1er Cru

Domaine Muzard Lucien et Fils 2015

€850 Bottle of 10cl

Clos des Mouches is the tiniest of Santenay's premier cru vineyards and takes its name from the beehives that used to be here - at the time bees used to be called 'mouches à miel' or honey flies. This fruity Santenay is ruby colored with a pale pink rim, revealing aromas and flavors of cherry, raspberry and spiced notes like cinnamon and vanilla. It is a smooth and silky wine with a subtle and elegant character, for pairing ideally with fine cuisine.

Bottle of 10cl €850
Santenay 1er Cru "Clos des Mouches" Domaine Muzard Lucien et Fils 2015


Vineyard name Domaine Muzard Lucien et Fils
Label of origin AOP Santenay 1er Cru
Cuvée Clos des Mouches
Vintage 2015
Grape varieties Pinot Noir (100%)
Tasting conditions 16 °C
Location Burgundy
Alcohol level 13.0%


Claude et Hervé Muzard

The Muzard Vineyard belongs to a very old Santenay family where they have been winegrowers from father to son for nine generations (Jacques Muzard in 1645). Mr and Mrs Lucien Muzard structured the establishment in the 60s by renting vines at first and then bought them little by little. Claude and Hervé Muzard now operate the 16 acres of the family vineyard, spread out over different climates in Santenay, Chassagne Montrachet and Pommard. The overall production of the vineyard is 5% white wines.

Food and wine pairings

white meat
  • Blanquette of veal, 
  • Roast veal with mushrooms and baby onions