AOP Pauillac

La Rose Pauillac 2013

€615 Bottle of 10cl

This red Pauillac, with its Cabernet Sauvignon-dominant blend, is among the most concentrated wines from Médoc. It has been oak-aged and has an alluring perfume with notes of red fruits.

Bottle of 10cl €615
Pauillac Bois de Rose La Rose Pauillac 2013


Vineyard name La Rose Pauillac
Label of origin AOP Pauillac
Cuvée Bois de Rose
Vintage 2013
Grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon (60%), Merlot (30%), Cabernet Franc (5%), Petit Verdot (5%)
Tasting conditions 18 °C
Location Bordeaux
Alcohol level 12.5%


Vins du Médoc Appellation Pauillac

La Rose Pauillac was first produced in 1933 when a group of about thirty winegrowers decided to work together to produce a great Pauillac wine. By the 1960s, almost all of Pauillac's small winegrowing holdings had joined this successful wine cooperative whose wines are now internationally reputed. Selecting grapes at harvest from different varietals and parcels, La Rose Pauillac produces a range of wines with quite different characters, offering something for every occasion. Poor soils and a local climate tempered by the wide Gironde estuary offer La Rose Pauillac growing conditions that can be found nowhere else in the world.

Food and wine pairings

Red meat
  • Leg of Lamb