AOP Minervois

Domaine Sibille 2017

€520 Flacon de 10cl

In this vast natural amphitheater of the Minervois region, terraces of vines have been a feature of the landscape for more than two thousand years. This almost black colored Minervois has a lovely nose, opening with fresh, minty notes before leading into red fruit aromas. The palate has the typical cherry notes of Grenache, with a generous mouth-filling character. Fruit and body are superbly combined, with dominant flavors of fresh fig as the wine opens up.

Flacon de 10cl €520
Minervois L'Audacieuse Domaine Sibille 2017


Vineyard name Domaine Sibille
Label of origin AOP Minervois
Cuvée Terre de Grès - L'Audacieuse
Vintage 2017
Grape varieties Grenache (45%), Syrah (45%), Carignan (10%)
Tasting conditions 17 °C
Location Languedoc-Roussillon
Alcohol level 14.5%


Pierre et Barbara Sibille

Originally from Alsace, the winegrowers Barbara and Pierre Sibille have no ordinary background. In 2015, Pierre, a qualified oenologist and Sibille, a civil servant, quit everything for a new life as independent winegrowers. After touring France’s wine regions in a motor home with their children, they found what they were looking for in Laure-Minervois and decided to buy a vineyard there. It was no accident that the estate they chose has been certified as organic since 2009, as Barbara and Pierre feel strongly about employing non-polluting and environmentally friendly methods. For them, organic winegrowing is not only about production techniques, it is a genuine philosophy.

Food and wine pairings

white meat
  • Filet mignon of pork with tomato crumble
Red meat
  • Lamb tagine with fresh coriander, 
  • Barbecued beef
Vegetarian dish
  • Peppers and aubergines in olive oil à la plancha