AOP Crozes-Hermitage

Domaine Laurent Habrard 2016

€490 Bottle of 10cl

This superb dark cherry colored red wine, with a bouquet of blackberry, pepper, cinnamon and licorice, will transport you to the heart of the green hills of Crozes-Hermitage. On the palate, the peppery notes and powerful flavors are complemented by a fruity finish. This is a beautifully structured red wine that never fails to please. Serve with sautéed wild mushrooms and a joint of prime beef.

Bottle of 10cl €490
Crozes-Hermitage Domaine Laurent Habrard 2016


Vineyard name Domaine Laurent Habrard
Label of origin AOP Crozes-Hermitage
Vintage 2016
Grape varieties Syrah (100%)
Tasting conditions 17 °C
Location Rhône
Alcohol level 13.0%


Laurent Habrard

Following in the footsteps of his parents, Laurent Habrard represents the new generation of a family with a long tradition of winegrowing. He is passionate about what he does and believes in sharing his savoir faire. As a perfectionist, Laurent is constantly seeking to improve production methods to offer wines of incomparable quality.

Food and wine pairings

white meat
  • Roast chicken
Red meat
  • Joint of beef
Vegetarian dish
  • Black trumpet mushrooms
  • Chocolate fondant cake