AOP Côtes-de-Provence

Villa Vallombrosa 2019

€440 Flacon de 10cl

This delicate Côtes-de-Provence rosé is absolutely exquisite. On the nose, this wine exudes notes of wild strawberry with hints of peach and melon. After a few moments, aromas of marzipan also develop. The palate is enjoyably lively, dry and nicely fruity, with flavours of strawberry, orange zest and grapefruit. It feels like summertime with every taste of this Côtes-de-Provence!

Flacon de 10cl €440
Côtes-de-Provence Prunelle Villa Vallombrosa 2019


Vineyard name Villa Vallombrosa
Label of origin AOP Côtes-de-Provence
Cuvée Prunelle
Vintage 2019
Grape varieties Grenache (41%), Syrah (29%), Cinsault (17%), Rolle (13%)
Tasting conditions 11 °C
Location Provence
Alcohol level 13.0%


Patrice Barré

Welcome to Villa Vallombrosa, a 2,000-year-old winegrowing estate in the South of France. This vineyard has succeeded in preserving its full authentic character and the specificity of its terroir through the ages. Vines have been planted here since Roman times, digging deep into the strata of Trias-age limestone and red Permian-era earth for what they need. The association of these two soil types results in a wine of great quality—the Permian stratum gives richness and body whilst schist from the Massif des Maures mountains provides a pleasantly refreshing and elegant touch of minerality.

Food and wine pairings

  • Salmon rillettes
  • Fish skewers, 
  • Red mullet burger
Vegetarian dish
  • Penne with tomato and fresh goat’s cheese