AOP Condrieu

Domaine Gilles Flacher 2016

€970 Flacon de 10cl

This beautiful straw-gold colored Condrieu is a must-taste. On the nose, notes of white peach are followed by a floral perfume and aromas of tonka bean. This is dry yet soft white with a lively, opulent and silky textured palate and the typical apricot notes of Viognier. A beautiful touch of bitterness creates a delicious, zippy finish.

Flacon de 10cl €970
Condrieu Les Rouelles Domaine Gilles Flacher 2016


Vineyard name Domaine Gilles Flacher
Label of origin AOP Condrieu
Cuvée Les Rouelles
Vintage 2016
Grape varieties Viognier (100%)
Tasting conditions 12 °C
Location Rhône
Alcohol level 14.0%


Gilles Flacher

The Flacher family has a long history in the wine business. The profession of winemaker has passed from father to son since 1806 and today it is Gilles who runs the family’s eight-hectare estate in Charnas. Gilles, who is deeply fond of his land, went about modernizing the estate and has also made a detailed study of the vineyard’s various terroirs with the help of a geologist from Lyon University. In the winery, Gilles has gradually developed his wines to produce a more concentrated style.

Food and wine pairings

white meat
  • Turkey and dried apricot tagine
  • Roasted monkfish with saffron and black rice
  • Chaource AOP