AOP Chinon

Domaine Béatrice & Pascal Lambert 2017

€660 Bottle of 10cl

The Cuvée Marie Chinon 2017 from Domaine Lambert is a red Loire Valley wine with a deliciously deep colour. Blackberry, raspberry and cocoa exude from the nose to enchanting effect. On the palate, the wine is firm in texture with excellent structure and fruity notes. The end palate has a light touch of oak to add, making for a lasting finish.

Bottle of 10cl €660
Chinon Cuvée Marie Domaine Béatrice & Pascal Lambert 2017


Vineyard name Domaine Béatrice & Pascal Lambert
Label of origin AOP Chinon
Cuvée Cuvée Marie
Vintage 2017
Grape varieties Cabernet Franc (100%)
Tasting conditions 18 °C
Location Loire
Alcohol level 13.0%


Béatrice & Pascal Lambert

This family-run estate, started in 1987, grows some 17 hectares of Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc in Cravant-les-Coteaux and Chinon. To allow the distinctive character of the terroir to show through, only natural methods are used in the vineyard and the winery. The old vines planted over 70 years ago are thus able to fully express themselves on the vineyard’s clay and gravel terraces.

Food and wine pairings

white meat
  • Pork tenderloin with caramelized onions
  • Chaource AOP
  • Chocolate and cherry cake