AOP Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Domaine de la Graveirette 2018

€770 Flacon de 10cl

Nestled between Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmiral mountain chain in the heart of a Provençal village is Domaine de la Graveirette, where Julien Musan produces exclusively biodynamic wines. His 2018 vintage has a cherry red colour with a pinkish rim. On the nose, this wine has a peony and violet-like floral side with notes of cherry and raspberry, too. Once on the palate, the texture is supple with fruity flavours and tannins to finish.

Flacon de 10cl €770
Châteauneuf-du-Pape Domaine de la Graveirette 2018


Vineyard name Domaine de la Graveirette
Label of origin AOP Châteauneuf-du-Pape
Vintage 2018
Grape varieties Grenache (85%), Syrah (15%)
Tasting conditions 17 °C
Location Rhône
Alcohol level 14.5%


Julien Mus

After having completed studies in viti-oenology, Julien Mus began cultivating vines. In 2005, he decided to produce his own wines with his wine cellar in a former agricultural hangar in Sarrians. As the third generation of his wine family, Julien Mus inherited plots of land from his father. He subsequently expanded the size of his vineyard on the plains and on the hillsides (8 acres). Julien Mus has succeeded in promoting his passion and skills.

Food and wine pairings

  • Roasted aubergines
white meat
  • Orloff-style roast pork
Red meat
  • Duck magret with cherry sauce
  • Chocolate and cherry cake