AOP Bordeaux Blanc

Château d'Haurets 2016

€265 Bottle of 10cl

This white Bordeaux has a pale silvery lemon color and is lovely and refreshing thanks to zesty citrus and green apple aromas. The palate is bright and lively with grapefruit flavors in harmony with the citrusy character of the nose. The finish is amazingly full and round. Château d’Haurets will go wonderfully with grilled fish like salmon or sea bass which will show off its round but lively side.

Bottle of 10cl €265
Bordeaux Château d'Haurets 2016


Vineyard name Château d'Haurets
Label of origin AOP Bordeaux Blanc
Vintage 2016
Grape varieties Sauvignon Blanc (97%), Sémillon (1%), Muscadelle (2%)
Tasting conditions 10 °C
Location Bordeaux
Alcohol level 12.5%


Jérémy Ducourt

Since 1958, the Ducourt family has developed their winegrowing holding and constitutes one of the biggest wineries of Bordeaux with 12 châteaux and 440 acres of vineyards, including the Haurets Château. In the beginning, a modest agricultural farm, the small establishment expanded and subsequently became the family’s place of residence. Continuing the work begun by his elders, Jonathan Ducourt, in charge of the commercial activity, explained the history of the Château d’Haurets to us. Located in Ladaux at a few hundreds meters from the vinification cellars, the vineyard completely surrounds the Château and its mill. The property benefits from a fresh terroir with a dominant feature of clay-limestone soil.

Food and wine pairings

  • Oysters, 
  • Roasted sea bass
  • Goat cheese