Argentine - IP Mendoza

Domaine Vibo 2010

€900 Flacon de 10cl

Let us transport you to the Andes and to the region of Mendoza, Argentina’s main center for winegrowing. This is a top-class Malbec with a beautifully concentrated nose of black fruits and sweet spices. The firm mouthfeel and extremely full body are an absolute delight in this rich and powerful wine. Perfectly balanced tannins and fruit make it an excellent wine for food. 

Flacon de 10cl €900
Argentine IP Mendoza Domaine Vibo 2010


Vineyard name Domaine Vibo
Label of origin Argentine - IP Mendoza
Vintage 2010
Grape varieties Malbec (100%)
Tasting conditions 17 °C
Location Mendoza
Alcohol level 15.0%


José Miguel Viu Bottini

A familiar name for many wine lovers, Mendoza is Argentina’s main wine region, where some 70% of the nation’s wine is produced. On the high plateaus, at the foot of the snow-capped Andes, a sea of vines stretches across 160,000 hectares, offering a striking sight. It was almost natural that the Viu family from across the Andes in Chile should take an interest in this winegrowing region known for producing some of the finest Malbecs in the world. José Miguel Viu Bottini has been crafting his wines since 2008, with the support of an extremely cosmopolitan and well experienced team.

Food and wine pairings

  • Sautéed ceps and foie gras
Red meat
  • Game, 
  • Joint of beef
  • Tuna tataki with black olive
Vegetarian dish
  • Eggplant lasagne
  • Brie, 
  • Époisses
  • Chocolate fondant cake, 
  • Black fruit crumble, 
  • Brownie