AOP Pouilly-Fuissé

Château de La Chaize 2019

€730 Flacon de 10cl

Come with us to Burgundy and the superb appellation of Pouilly-Fuissé. This wine boasts floral notes of acacia and daphné bush with added aromas of apple and sweet spices, like vanilla and cinnamon. With its fruit-packed flavours on the palate, this is a deliciously moreish wine, but with the classic minerality of the wines of southern Burgundy, it remains perfectly balanced.

Flacon de 10cl €730
Pouilly-Fuissé Château de la Chaize 2019


Vineyard name Château de La Chaize
Label of origin AOP Pouilly-Fuissé
Vintage 2019
Grape varieties Chardonnay  (100%)
Tasting conditions 13 °C
Location Burgundy
Alcohol level 13.5%


Boris Gruy

"Château de La Chaize and its vineyard were founded in 1676. With its 380 hectares at the foot of Mont Brouilly, it is one of the largest and most emblematic Beaujolais wine estates. The descendants of its founder, Jean-François de La Chaize d’Aix, took care of the estate for nearly 350 years, until it was sold to the family of Christophe Gruy in 2017. The latter decided to make this remarkable vineyard really shine, with an extremely environmentally friendly approach. With Boris Gruy – his nephew and Vineyard Manager – he converted the estate to organic and then biodynamic winegrowing, to enable plot-based winemaking of the highest standard and extract the full potential from the Gamay grapes. Today, Boris Gruy, who is a qualified oenologist, is fully in charge of the estate’s future."

Food and wine pairings

  • Salt-crusted seabass, 
  • Pan-fried sole
Vegetarian dish
  • Vegetarian vol-au-vent